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VBM Home Espresso Machine | Domobar Junior Digital 1G

VBM Home Espresso Machine | Domobar Junior Digital 1G

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The first step towards enjoying coffee at home, just the way you like it. 
Domobar is the entry level model in our Home line. Ideal if you want to enjoy a professional espresso at home.

Our single-stage boiler system allows you to dispense coffee, steam and water separately and in total safety, thanks to dedicated switches.


Compact Size
At 22.5cm wide and 41.5cm deep, the Domobar fits in any corner of the home.

OLED display (only on Digital version)
Adjust all the settings on a single interface.

LED warning lights
They show you the water level, and that the resistance is functioning correctly.

Synthetic drip tray
The choice of material makes the drip tray light and easy to handle, eliminating the risk of scratching and sharp corners typically found with metal trays. The tray has been scratched-proof to make it dishwasher-safe.

Overflow indicator on drip tray
The float tracks the water level in the drip tray.

Water tank level sensor
The level sensor monitors the water tank level. An LED tells you when it's time to fill up.

Customisable side panels
With our range of colours you can match your machine with any environment. And when it's time for a change you can give your machine a new look: the side panels are fixed on with magnets, so they can easily be removed and replaced with a different colour whenever you like.

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