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Pullman HongKong

PULLMAN Hong Kong Special Edition | Coffee Tamper "見字飲啡"

PULLMAN Hong Kong Special Edition | Coffee Tamper "見字飲啡"

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見字飲啡 - 楊佳北魏體 X Pullman 屬於香港咖啡師嘅咖啡工具

香港咖啡師系列 2.0 - 我哋搵嚟香港書法家楊佳親筆提字「見字飲啡」,打造呢一套與別不同嘅 Espresso Tools。

除咗 Big Step Tamper (可單買手柄),佈粉器 Chisel 之外,亦都會有無底手柄。

呢一套 Espresso Tools ,亦都會喺 Pullman 澳洲同步開賣,希望都藉住今次嘅計劃,俾全世界嘅每一個人知多啲香港嘅文化。

想了解多啲關楊佳師傅嘅書法,可以 Follow @yeungkaiproduction 了解多啲楊師傅嘅動向。

見字飲啡,Cafe 見!

The wait is over - Our HK Barista Series 2.0 is out!

In collaboration with Calligrapher Yeung Kai, we crafted this line of espresso tools with his Chinese calligraphy work on the Barista tamper handle, Chisel top, and portafilter handle.

The engravement of Master Yeung's work doesn't only carry the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, but also the heritage and cultural value of a less common font mainly used in sign-writing.

Follow @yeungkaiproduction if you are interested in knowing more about Master Yeung.


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