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PULLMAN Coffee Tamper | Palm Tamper BigStep | 58.55mm

PULLMAN Coffee Tamper | Palm Tamper BigStep | 58.55mm

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The edge of the upper part Palm Tamper restson the edge of the portafilter and the BigStep always tamps at the sameindentation depth. This is particularly practical if you regularly use the samecoffee with the same grammage. Once correctly set, the Palm BigStep alwaystamps the same way, because placing the upper part on the edge of theportafilter prevents it from being pressed in deeper. And the patented stepvirtually eliminates channeling at the edges. 

To baristas it means that you'll get the sametasty coffee every time without too much effort. No worries about consistencybetween barista's, your channeling problems will disappear with this set andforget mode of tamping.


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