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GOPPION Caffè Dolce Coffee Beans

GOPPION Caffè Dolce Coffee Beans

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This blend was the first ever to be produced by GOPPION, and has been going strong since we founded our coffee roasting business in 1948. It has always had the name Gran Miscela Dolce, but recently our experiences, especially abroad, have shown that those who appreciate it simply remember it as ‘DOLCE’, i.e. sweet. From 2016, with this packaging, this has become its name, to emphasize and better define its most distinguishing feature: sweetness. 

The coffees that make up this blend, 90% of which are Arabica, come from Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras; while the remaining 10% is Robusta, selected in Flores in the Sunda Islands, an archipelago that lies between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. The very best Robusta coffee in the world is grown there. Its name brings to mind contamination with the exquisite flowers that grow in those lands. 

The final result is an intense taste, velvety, with a full body. The slight acidity is balanced and thus offers the cup of coffee perfect balance. It gives way to a pleasant aftertaste with hints of cocoa and bitter fruit, the persistence of which lengthens with notes of milk chocolate and with the fragrance of toasted bread. 
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