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CAFETTO | Espresso Machine Cleaner | EVO Organic Cleaner

CAFETTO | Espresso Machine Cleaner | EVO Organic Cleaner

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HIGH PERFORMANCEWith its rapidly soluble and free-rinsing formulation, EVO® cleans like noother espresso machine cleaner. Coffee oils, grounds and stains are removed,improving the taste and aroma of espresso after the machine is cleaned.EVO® also leaves no trace of odour. 

CERTIFIED FOR ORGANIC USEEVO® is registered by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as an allowed inputin organic systems and is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute(OMRI). EVO® is free from phosphate and Genetically Modified Organisms. 

SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR MACHINESafe for all machine parts, EVO® is listed with NSF. It has been tested,evaluated passed the most stringent toxicology and corrosivity standards.The ingredients and formulation of the products that are NSF certified aresafe, leave no harmful residues and do not cause corrosion within thecoffee machine.

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