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FOX COFFEE | PortaStand | For La Marzocco, Sanremo & E61 Group Head 58mm Portafilter

FOX COFFEE | PortaStand | For La Marzocco, Sanremo & E61 Group Head 58mm Portafilter

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The PortaStand helps you organize your coffee station by firmly holding your straight 58mm portafilter wherever is best for you. Choose between a 3M command strip or a magnetic attachment method to customize your coffee station layout and ensure easy-access to your straight portafilter. Organizing your espresso bar just got a whole lot easier with the PortaStand – the ideal straightt portafilter mounting solution.

We created the PortaStand to organize our espresso station by while keeping our portafilter easily accessible. The PortaStand is also a great place to store the portafilter while it air dries.

PortaStand Attachment Options:

3M Command Strips: Perfect solution for attaching to nearly any surface such as cabinets, walls, backsplashes, etc. Prep both the PortaStand and attachment surface with one alcohol wipe each (included) and mount using two command strips (included). Note: when attaching the command strips, keep in mind the final placement of the PortaStand and try to orient the strips so their removal tabs will be hidden. Follow all 3M command strip installation guidance for best results.

High-Strength Magnets: The ideal solution for mounting your portafilter directly to a magnetic metal mounting surface. No surface prep required – just stick the PortaStand to the metal surface and you're set! This mounting solution uses two high-strength rare earth neodymium magnets printed into the mount for a sleek and clean design. The mount provides plenty of holding strength for your portafilter!

Compatible with a straight 58mm portafilter.
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